By: Gerry Driver
Published: October 3, 2017      Updated: February 27, 2021


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              In light of all the COVID-19 events that are happening, our churches are still all practicing 'social distancing', and masks are available if you forget your own.

Welcome to 2020 at the Endicott Seventh Day Adventist Church in Endicott, Washington. (See map at bottom of page for directions to church) We are a Christian church of believers who believe that Jesus is the Messiah foretold of in the Old Testament of scripture and that His soon coming is eminent and we would love to have you visit, and join our family. To learn more about what we believe you can visit our 'About Us' page, or simply talk to any of our members. Please join us for Bible study, worship, and prayer. Potluck (fellowship dinner) is on hold because of the COVID pandemic Individual Bible study can be arranged also. Currently we studying in our quarterly the book of Isaiah.

Also currently, we are still actively praying for at least 10 new families to join our small church. Already, we are seeing God's mighty hand at work. Prayer is more powerful than any of us fully realize. Praise His name!

New in 2021!

A note from Gerry about Pastor Kevin :

Be sure to check out Pastor Kevin's ongoing articles in the Gleaner:    https://gleanernow.com/news/2020 You can select specific titles and dates of his messages using the 'Archive' link. His heartfelt messages reflect the correctness of presenting the Gospel in a truly Biblical perspective, as Jesus Himself would. Though we can, and should be careful to research scripture and Spirit of Prophecy in a thorough manner, ('a theoretical knowledge' as Pastor Kevin appropriately terms it) the WAY in which it is presented can give a slant to the message, either positively or negatively. The Holy Spirit is always our best guide! Pastor Kevin delivers his own personal experience from early in his ministry. His perspective on "The Truth" should cause all of us to be careful of the 'words' we choose when in times of 'sharing'.  

A recap of the past few years gives us a healthy perspective of how our small church is making headway.

Our A/V department continues to be improved with newer equipment, enhancing our experience. A new addition to our church is fiber optics internet, which the church has never had. That also included an upgrade to our phone system. Everything is paid for as we make improvements, keeping our small budget functioning effectively. This allows us to enjoy Pastor Kevin's sermons every week, either via internet or in person. We've been working out the bugs as we move forward. It all seems to be coming together quite well.

We are continuing needed maintenance: repair to antiquated windows in the sanctuary, working on inside and outside painting. The new outside garden shed is working great for our rider mower donated by a church member. The front of the church is improving as we are cleaning up the yard display. It is still a work in progress, but already has an improved appearance. The lower parking area is scheduled to be paved when we complete the necessary preparations. As you can tell, WE'VE BEEN VERY BUSY THESE LAST FEW YEARS! There are more items too, but these are the highlights.



2 times a month

2nd Thursday – 1-3 PM

4th Thursday – 5-8:30

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Also, feel free to check out our Food Pantry for local needs in the surrounding Endicott area. It has tremendously affected our small areas. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic ( and yes, we're using the required social distancing and facial mask) our Food Pantry  has proved to be even more of a blessing than in usual circumstances. New coolers have been installed, and are working great. Thanksgiving, Christmas and some other holidays have been even more of a benefit to those with special needs for those times of the year. We're here to help! It's not only valuable for our individuals in need, it also will serve as an emergency facility in case of disaster relief. We are experiencing several new improvements including new display racks, re-organized 'shopping' features and added carts make the 'shopping' experience flow more smoothly, and less stressful for those in need within our community. Dave Gilman has done a FANTASTIC job of setting everything up at the center and we can also provide local deliveries to shut-in's. Thank you Dave and team! The location is at the lower parking lot ( soon to be paved) of the church here in Endicott.


2020 holds news challenges! (what an understatement considering the current and developing condition of the whole world) and yes, I know that every year holds its own set of specific and general challenges, BUT, we are one year closer to the coming of our Lord! Prophecies are being fulfilled and our earth is increasingly growing decade and fragile. We MUST keep our eyes and heart focused on our relationship with Jesus, and His instructions found in scripture. His offer to us is FREE (John 3:16) to whomever CHOOSES to accept His gift. Our time here is temporary, a surrendered heart helps us to be prepared for the unseen events before us. Hang on! Jesus is coming!!!

Our website seems to be doing quite well. Any suggestions for improvement are welcome. We are working on archiving previous recorded videos now that we have good internet.

Webmaster, Gerry Driver, invites anyone with suggestions for improvements to contact him at (360-624-1574 or gerryd1946@juno,com).

Feel free to use our 'Online Giving' page. Simply click on the 'Online Giving' link; click on the "Menu" tab at the top of this page and follow the instructions. It's easy to sign up to conveniently submit your tithe and give to the offering of your choice, especially when it's hard to be at church physically. Or, you can continue giving by using the provided 'tithe envelope' in the sanctuary. Malachi 3:10 encourages our giving hearts!

Pastor: Kevin McGill
Endicott Seventh Day Adventist Church

Webmaster: Gerry Driver (360-624-1574) (gerryd1946@juno.com)

Join Us Every Saturday (Bible Sabbath: Exodus 20:8)
Service times:
Sabbath School: 10:00 a.m.
Worship Service: 11:30 a.m.


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